Thursday, January 26, 2006

Music to fall asleep/study to

If you know me, I'm not the most studious individual ever (shut up, asshole). However, when I do, living with three other dudes can make for a need to give myself something to if, in a panic about my "future" or whatever, I actually decide to study. They've said classical music can aid in this sort of thing, even boost (debatedly) cognitive performance/memory retention, but I'd also add ambient music into the brain-music equation. The dreamy understatement that underlies ambient music can make studying much more enjoyable and concentrated with a pair of headphones thrown on, in my opinion. It's relaxing enough that, I imagine, you could fall asleep with it too, if you'd like, and has helped me a few times in relaxing for a good 19 hour sleep, also. Lol @ self-deprecation. Anyway here's some albums you should check out if you'd like to test my assertion, as well as a few non-ambient pieces that I think also suit studying/relaxing pretty well:

Anything by Stars Of the Lid

The Dead Texan - The Dead Texan

Anything by Eluvium

F├╝rsaxa - Lepidoptera

Anything by Marsen Jules

Secede - Tryshasla

Anything by Colleen


Stars Of the Lid - Austin, TX Mental Hospital, Pt. 1 (from The Tired Sounds Of Stars Of the Lid)

Eluvium - Cast On the Cast/Light Cloud (from Talk Amongst the Trees)

(download instructions: right-click "Copy Link Location" in Firefox, or right-click "Copy Shortcut" in Internet Explorer, paste onto URL/address bar and change "hzzp" to "http", press enter, follow instructions for download. To extract after download you need a program called WinRAR, which you can install quickly by clicking this link. If you still can't figure out how to download and listen to these files leave a comment for this entry and your Instant Messager name or e-mail address, and I will contact you. Keep in mind that if you are looking at an old entry, YouSendIt links like these expire after a given amount of time or a large amount of downloads, so the files may no longer be available. Sorry.)


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