Sunday, March 05, 2006

2006, Part Six

Herbert - Scale (2006)

For whatever reason, I've ignored the output of electronic/organic composer Matthew Herbert up until now. I have absolutely no idea why. His older work, from what I've tried to catch myself up on, is pretty great and strikingly eclectic. He's done everything from big-band work to electronic soundscapes. Perhaps that is why this album is catching some waves of buzz recently - it seems to marry his disparate styles so well, and doesn't cling to the heavy-handed social consciousness his other recent releases exhibited. Instead, he again employs long-time vocal collaborator Dani Sicilano, crafting a neo-soulish record with unusual sampling and instrumentation. In typical Herbert style, samples are ingeniously and meticulously placed over pulsating beats, carrying the undeniably catchy hooks and melodies Sicilano and company vocalize. A really fun and accessible record with some amazing songs which highlight the strength of Herbert's compositional style. Check it out.

Download "Moving Like A Rain"


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