Tuesday, May 16, 2006

2006, Part Two Thousand And Fifty-Two I Mean Fifteen

Human Television - Look At Who You're Talking To (2006)

Oh wait I have a blog, don't I? I should probably update. Sorry, I promise that was only temporary. I was doing okay for a while though, update-wise, you have to admit. Anyway:

Human Television are riding a wave of 90's pop-rock revivalism and doing it really, really well. Look At Who You're Talking To is a delightfully fun album with all sorts of dreamy guitar lines, swelling vocal distortion, and sublime pop hooks. It's the sort of album you can put on and listen to without a great deal of discernment and, yet, derive a tremendous amount of pleasure while doing so. Anyway it's a completely benign indie-rock record so you should listen to it if you want something fun and catchy yet effective. Here's some songs:

Download "On and On"
Download "I Laughed"

their website


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