Wednesday, May 31, 2006

2006, Part Eighteen

Lo-Fi-FNK - Boylife (2006)

Europeans are strange people, and yet, time and time again, they prove their electronic ventures to be more effortlessly successful than our own. Lo-Fi-FNK do not make electronic music, but decidedly electronically-based, and wonderfully odd pop music. There are a variety of strangely isolated samples on this record - weird yelps, "WHOOP"'s, and grunts, belieing the Nordic-accented vocal melodies that comprise the majority of the album. It all seems unstrained, too, and just undeniably intriguing in the ease with which these guys seemed to make this record despite the oddness that is the result. Here's some songs:

Download "System (feat Maiden)"
Download "What's On Your Mind"

their website


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