Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Renew, Re-Use, Recycle

So you (the two of you) might be wondering why I haven't updated this blog in forever. The short of it is I've been moving and am incredibly busy with school, an AM radio show, work, and all that other nonsense. Therefore, my access to the internet has been limited to library terminals, and I can't very well post misanthropic indie music from there, now can I? No.
I will get internet access sometime this week (hopefully), and when I do, I should be up and running again. I thought I should also make clear (if only to hold myself to something if nothing else) what you might have already gathered: ...whatever tell it to your blog will be/is updated every other day of the week. I've been a bitch lately and also have taken weekends off, but I promise that will stop.
Anyway, look for this shit to be sulking all up in your face again by the end of the week.
- Reed


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