Tuesday, July 11, 2006

regurgitation for the week of 7/10

It's summer time, and people are walking places, and talking, and sitting on things, and eating food, and drinking things, and swimming in various bodies of water, and just having a plain 'ol great 'ol time in the summer... time! That being said, here are a variety of songs I have been listening to that have nothing to do with summer time other than the fact that I am listening to them during summer time:

El Perro Del Mar -God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get)
I don't know how hot I am on this album, the first full-length from orchestral indie popsters El Perro Del Mar (self-titled). However, this song is just wonderful. Delivered with a pouty vocal from lead vocalist Sarah Assbring (yeah, seriously, rotflz, etc.), it's totally dreamy.

Tenebre - Somerset
Tenebre is a post-rock band which creates soundscapes out of stand-up bass and fret tapping guitar work. They're playing at some house here in Isla Vista in like a week or so. I enjoy their record, In Everything Give Thanks.

The Swirlies - His Love Just Washed Away
A band that has reminded me I'm mostly ignorant of shoegaze's "hay-day."


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