Thursday, July 13, 2006

you don't even know the topic

There's a pretty cool Modest Mouse documentary floating around on Video Google as well as YouTube, filmed way back in '97. It's terribly, terribly edited and therefore a little hard to follow at times (at one point the camera man films a whole conversation in the band's then touring van about, well, I don't even know exactly), but it's interesting for both its insight into a window when the band was still nubile and not nearly as polished, as it was filmed around the time of the recording process for The Lonesome Crowded West. Oh, and Elliott Smith randomly and begrudgingly appears. Here it is, in four parts because YouTube sucks:

And, for good measure, here's some Elliott Smith and Modest Mouse songs:

Download Elliott Smith's "Dancing On the Highway," the studio version
Download "Broke" by Modest Mouse, version from the Interstate 8 EP


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